Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up!

2 Jan

There was a popular television show back in the day called “To Tell The Truth” where 3 people would each claim to be the same person of significance and the celebrity contestants would question each one to determine which one was authentic.

At the end the host would say, would the real one please stand up!

From Genesis to Revelation, the purpose of the Scriptures are to reveal to us who Jesus really is! In fact, Jesus said as much in the Gospel of John:

The Bible is the Book that will cause the real Jesus to stand up in your heart and in your mind as you discover a God that is more for you than you ever imagined, who loves you more than you know and who sees something greater in you and for you than you see yourself!

That’s why the greatest investment we can make in 2023 is spending a little more time in the Word of God discovering the Jesus we may not have known and as we do weights of anxiety, fear, guilt, performance, sin, fall at His feet!

Why not invest seven minutes right now and check out the incredible benefits that can come into your life by spending a little more time in the Word of God:

The Greatest Investment You Can Make In Your Life!

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